Hi, Assalamualaikum. It's june already. Half of the years, how time flies. Currently, I'm preparing for my final examination which my first paper will be on 26th june, this sunday (wish me luck!) I'm scared, honestly. Degree life was more pressured, twice harder than before. I mean, I never felt this level of stress when pursuing my diploma (anyway I miss it tsk tsk) You have to do anything by your own. Nobody cared. If you really want to success, you have to sacrifice a lot on it. Work hard, paid off - the words to calm myself.

Talking about friend's, I made some! I met new friend's, working together on project with them who had different personality and I feel blessed knowing them (you know who you are!) Anyway, the environment in UiTM are totally different. Big campus, you need to walked a lot, mixed with people's from different faculty, I learned so much and I enjoyed of course, I would love my degree life with less of pressured; sure I won't get this hahahaha.

Till the next post, take care xx