Assalamualaikum! Just for information, this blog will update when I have a free time. Now, imma freakin busy with study, tuition and art folio. So, my schedule not really okay. I will update later. Thankyou for follow! And thankyou for visit too! ♥

HN, me miss you. Sorry because a bit rude with you that day. You know right once I say I dont like, means I dont like. And when I say I hate it, please understand. 

A, me miss you badly. Thankyou cause texting me for this 2 3 days. Thankyou because you're beside me when I need someone. You give me advice and give me strong. Thankyou, Dear. Seriously, I miss you :/

AssPeeEmm, I am scary about you. Warghhhh! It can kill meeee :O