Assalamualaikum.  So hello friend's! xx. So long time we didn't meet isn't? Haha, yeah. For sure, I am too busy with my routine and my life. School, study, spm, life, feeling, love and stuff. Haha as usual, I am fine :3 So firstly, I can't wait for this another hour which is Ramadhan! Wohooo! I really wait for this. Hopefully I can puasa penuh for this year. Okay, bahasa rojak pun tak ada salahkan? Haha xD So then after puasa, raya kan. But suddenly, trial SPM is really around the corner. It just a few days after Hari Raya. Maigadd :/ This year raya with study. Its okay, for my own good too :) But then, I can't reduce my online time. Seriously, sometimes I more to Twitter than Study. What a bad of me :( I tried to reduce it but the lucky is not on my side.. I just can see and see. Lol okay I getting saying merapu. Haha. Anyway, I miss all my friend's. Anyway too, I will hangout with my buddies on this second week of puasa maybe. Maybe ok n__n InsyaAllah, segalanya akan berjalan lancar. Okay looks like I need to stop blogging. Nak keluar dgn mama and others. Hihi. So, Selamat Berpuasa Kepada  Semua Umat Islam. Semoga ramadhan kali ini lebih indah dan bermakna. Jangan tinggal puasa okay, banyakkan berdoa :) So, I will end the post here.