Assalamualaikum. Hi everybodyyyyy :> How was your day? Mine was bad. Really bad. In this 17 years old I live, this is first time I had gastrick. I started to feel the pain when I was in the DM Asrama which we had Bengkel Teknik menjawap soalan Sejarah. I feel it started 8 something in the morning. So I keep hold which I thought it was only pain for a while. But unexpected..IT WAS BEEN PAIN UNTIL THIS EVENING. Damn sick! After the bengkel done, we go to the class. Seriously, I can't hold it anymore. It was really pain until I crying infront of class. Yah, I do shy. But I can't hold it anymore. Then they call my mom and ask dad come and pick me at school. Then we go to the clinic. And as expected, I had gastrick/ Angin. Wohoooooooooo no comment. Anyway, as we know, trial SPM is just around the corner. I want the best as I can for this. But I'm damn too lazy want to study. Hmm, this attitude I should throw it away. So pray for me okay? InsyaAllah, I will do my best. Promise, Mom and Dad, I will make you proud with me n__n