Hi Assalamualaikum! Just want to share something. On 23 jan, I'm going back to Taiping with my seniors a.k.a my sis, Ain. We went to the Ukm station first to get to KL Sentral. Our ETS train depart on 12.05 pm. I'm scared if we reach Kl sentral late cause the ktm reach Ukm on 10.36 am. But my expectation is wrong. We reach Kl sentral on 11 something. Hehe then get into the Ets and reach Ipoh 2.35 pm. I prayed jamak takdim since it already more 90 km/h and we got to walk for another 10 minutes to Medan Kits which the bus station is near to the train station and yes, lucky are not on our side. We got the bus on 4.30 pm and for 1 hour I showed my face at the bus station. Haha then reach Kamunting, abg took us. He send me first then he send kakak. Thanks abang! On thursday and friday I just stay at home. Helping opah cleaning the house since on sunday we had Tahlil's for arwah atuk. Al-fatihah. Nothing I do at home. K-dramas, Running man's, movies all-the-time. Haha then watchin tv and sleeping ~ Haha and on friday night, mama are here! I miss my mom so much when I was in Taiping.

So, since saturday I dont have any thing to do, I asked eyka and put to hangout. Alhamdulilah, we met since long time we didn't chill together. Eyka pick me at the house and we talk and talk in the car. Gossipping in addition, haha. Then we parking the car in tesco since its just beside Taiping sentral. Then met my pwincess at starbuck. We so likee "waaa long time didint see" "happy mood" "laugh all the way", hahaha yess I miss both of them already. Then we watched movies, Juvana since I lost with put cause she really want to watch that movie and frankly its awesome! Sharnaaz Ahmad is so great, Lan todak weh! Haha 9/10 for that movies! n.n Then Mcd for lunch. Prosperity for my meal and chit chat chit chat. Haha then we go for karok's cause put really wanted to sing. Haha. Laugh, happy moments are born :') Then we send Put and Habib to their home since its raining and eyka send me after that. I'm really enjoyed the moments anyway :)

Here some of the pictures!

 I love both of them. Shafika Amira, Puteri Nuraaina Balqis, Habib, thanks for the memories! I love you xx