Assalamualaikum and Hi. How are you? Fine whatever. Haha okay again and again, I have started to being so rajin to update my blog. So weirdo actually because I already left this habits since I'm more to twitter's. I don't know why. Bored perhaps? Yeayy I dont know! Haha okay so nowdays I'm more into Kpops! Or easy to said in korean songs, movies, dramas and variety shows. Especially Running mans! Oh gucci, I am so loooveeeeeeeeeeee it! Monday couple jjang! Hihii ;D Yoo JaeSuk, Ji suk jin, Kim jong kook, Gary, HaHa, Song Ji-hyo, Lee Gwang soo Imma so love them. They teach me meaning of friendship, loves, appreciate and team works. They are so cooool man. Hahaha I cant stop laughing if watching it. So funnyyyy! :)

Anyway, I miss schools. I miss my teachers. I miss my classmates and schoolmates. I miss my class. I miss my art room. I miss the school hall. I miss the field. I miss the mosque. I miss to walking around the school. I miss the canteen. I miss SMK Jalan Tiga. Totally! :( That day I goes to school to take the UPU  pins number. I met some of my teachers and they were like "Why you put gain so much?" seee! Haha seriously I put gain so much when at home. Its okay, it be my mission to lose weight. Haha okay gonna stop here. Byebye Assalamualaikum.

I miss you biy. I miss you. Seriously! I wonder where are you..I wish you will read my blogs. But its just my dream. You're not even online your facebooks. Hahaha whattheeee .__. Take care dude. Be happy. Lewls.