Assalamualaikum. Hi girls and boys. Let me introduce you something...

Time flies so so fast.

And I don't expect it will com fast as this.

Three months staying at home, I learned a lots.

Means of being a daughter, a sisters and a servant *okay I lie haha*.

Staying at home doings home work, washing, cooking, cleaning the house.

An tired job. But it helps me to be a good women in future.

A wife?  A mummy maybe? Hello, I'm still 17 years, 3 months and 12 days.

I wanna continue my study. Foundation/Diploma in malaysia. Degree/Master and if Allah willings
until PHD I wanna do, starting of Degree in overseas. Insha Allah.

Living in overseas, I don't mind where as long I live independent, out from here, new experience and new environment and living alone far from familys. It just I wanna live in overseas for one time. My CHOICE.

And unexpectable feelings, I got less than 48 hours before the SPM results come out.

I don't how it will be, flying result or may not flying or maybe I don't know.

I just hope the best. I have my best in 2012. I just want to make my parents proud.

That's all. If I passed all with credits, ALHAMDULILAH! I'm thankful ya Allah :')

But no matter what, I hope the best. ya Allah, I just want to make my parents proud with my results. As long as I can make them smile, its enough ya Allah :')

As you read, I also don't know what I'm crapping. But it just arghhh I don't know. I just want to have an excellent result and make my parents proud. Anyway I admit I do crapping much. Haha it just to release my stress, my scrared to death, my unusual feeling and stuff. Seriously I felt like the results is really hunting me. Hahaha sounds trouble. But that is the fact, what I feel right now. So, pray for me, pray for me to pass in the JPJ test too. Haha my jpj test in on the next day, friday. Ya Allah, make it easy. I pray for all batch 95's pass with the flying results. Insha Allah, Ameen! Assalamualaikum ;D