Hi hi hi, assalamualaikum fellas. Yeayy had been long time I didn’t updating my blog. Its called “lazy mood” yeah, you know that whats mean. Hahaha so actually I don’t know what to tell you about since I’m not getting interested more in blogging. But just for fun to updating, typing and so on. And talk about SPM results. Officially it had ended. Means result has come out and I already got my result. Should me tell you? I just can said I’m thankful. Alhamdulilah, even no A’s, I still proud cause all of the subject credits and alhamdulilah, my maths was credit. Unexpectable. Syukur alhamdulilah, ya Allah. Others…Alhamdulilah :’)

Done about result. Still remembered when I said before this I’m on processing doing my driving license? Alhamdulilah I’ve got my license! Hahahaha even repeat ontheroad, for me doing it second time is a bit good cause doesn’t mean the first time we will passed. It depens on us. Yeayyy! So I can drive and go there,here and anywhere I wanted. Hahaha mummy driver-to-be-as she post on my wall on facebook. Hahaha lewls.

Lastly, about offered studies. Alhamdulilah I’ve got for 2 places. But I still wait for Uitm. Insha Allah, Amin! Till we meet again, xoxo